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Ryan Bluestone

Chicago beckons travelers with its stunning architecture, picturesque lakeside setting, and a year-round array of activities. Yet, it’s the city’s dynamic global culinary scene that truly sets it apart.

Ryan Bluestone leads readers on a gastronomic journey through Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, each offering a passport to a different corner of the world.

Best Foodie Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago has 77 community neighborhoods, so how can someone know the right place to go? Below are the best neighborhoods to visit to experience the cuisine of a different country.


Andersonville, affectionately known as Little Sweden, is a charming neighborhood steeped in Swedish heritage. For an authentic Swedish experience, start your culinary journey at Svea Restaurant. Indulge in their classic Swedish meatballs served with lingonberry sauce for a taste of tradition. Don’t forget to visit the Swedish bakery Lost Larson for a delightful våfflor (Swedish waffle) topped with lingonberry jam.


Chicago’s bustling Chinatown is a haven for Chinese cuisine enthusiasts. Begin your exploration at MingHin Cuisine, a renowned spot for dim sum. Try their succulent har gow (shrimp dumplings) and siu mai (pork dumplings). For a taste of authentic Chinese barbecue, head to Triple Crown Restaurant, where you can savor flavorful dishes like char siu (barbecued pork) and Peking duck.


Greektown in Chicago’s West Loop is a culinary treasure trove of Greek delights. Begin your feast at Greek Islands Restaurant, an iconic establishment known for its impeccable moussaka. Make sure to order the saganaki for a spectacular flaming cheese experience. For a satisfying gyro, visit Artopolis Bakery, Café & Agora.

Lincoln Square:

Transport yourself to Germany in Lincoln Square, where charming cobblestone streets set the scene for a Bavarian experience. Reside at The Berghoff Restaurant, a historic establishment, and relish their delectable schnitzel paired with a refreshing German beer. To revel in the lively spirit of Manifest Chicago, visit the lively German outdoor festival during the summer months.

Little Italy:

Little Italy is a culinary haven dedicated to the rich flavors of Italy. Begin your gastronomic journey at Tuscany on Taylor Street, where you can indulge in classic pasta dishes like linguine with clams. For a sweet ending, visit Mario’s Italian Lemonade for a refreshing gelato or a decadent serving of tiramisu.

Ryan Bluestone


Pilsen, once a Czech enclave, is now a vibrant neighborhood celebrating Latin American culture. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere at Taqueria Los Comales, where you can savor warm, authentic tacos. For a taste of Venezuelan comfort food, visit Bienmesabe and relish their hearty arepas.

West Ridge (Little India):

Devon Avenue in West Ridge, fondly known as Little India, is a sensory delight for fans of Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Savor fragrant curries and freshly baked roti at Uru-Swati. After your meal, explore the vibrant shops that offer colorful clothing and aromatic perfumes.

West Town (Polish Downtown):

West Town, often referred to as Polish Downtown, is a treasure trove of traditional Polish fare. Dive into the rich flavors at Podhalanka, a beloved restaurant known for its hearty pierogies, comforting borscht, and flavorful cabbage rolls. It’s an essential stop for anyone exploring the culinary wonders of West Town.

Ryan Bluestone

Ryan Hunter Bluestone