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Brunch has become a beloved tradition for many Chicagoans, offering a delightful fusion of breakfast and lunch dishes to kickstart the weekend or indulge in a leisurely midday meal. From classic diners serving hearty classics to trendy cafes offering innovative twists on brunch favorites, Chicago boasts a diverse array of brunch spots to satisfy every palate. Ryan Bluestone uncovers some of the top brunch destinations in the Windy City, showcasing the culinary excellence and vibrant dining scene that Chicago is renowned for.

The Bongo Room

Located in the vibrant Wicker Park neighborhood, The Bongo Room is a must-visit brunch destination known for its creative and indulgent dishes. From decadent stuffed French toast to savory breakfast burritos, the menu offers something for every taste bud. Be sure to try their signature Bongo Bread Pudding pancakes, topped with fresh fruit and drizzled with syrup for the ultimate brunch indulgence.

Little Goat Diner

Helmed by acclaimed chef Stephanie Izard, Little Goat Diner is a bustling spot in the West Loop neighborhood known for its innovative take on classic diner fare. The brunch menu features inventive dishes like the Bull’s Eye French Toast, a savory-sweet concoction topped with fried chicken, eggs, and maple syrup. For a taste of Chicago’s culinary creativity, Little Goat Diner is a must-visit.

Longman & Eagle

Nestled in the heart of Logan Square, Longman & Eagle is a gastropub known for its farm-to-table cuisine and creative brunch offerings. Their brunch menu features elevated takes on comfort food classics, such as the Pork Belly Benedict served with jalapeno hollandaise and the Duck Confit Hash topped with a sunny-side-up egg. Pair your meal with one of their craft cocktails for the perfect brunch experience.

M. Henry

For a cozy and welcoming brunch spot in Andersonville, look no further than M. Henry. This neighborhood favorite prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients to create wholesome and flavorful dishes. Indulge in their signature Blackberry Bliss Cakes, topped with fresh berries and lemon curd, or opt for the savory Chilaquiles Verde for a Southwestern-inspired brunch delight.


With multiple locations across the city, Beatrix is a popular brunch spot known for its modern and health-conscious approach to dining. Their brunch menu features a variety of fresh and flavorful options, from avocado toast topped with poached eggs to quinoa cakes served with a citrus salad. Don’t miss out on their house-made pastries and freshly squeezed juices for a refreshing start to your day.

Dove’s Luncheonette

Step into Dove’s Luncheonette in the heart of Wicker Park and transport yourself to a retro-inspired diner with a modern twist. This cozy spot specializes in Southern-inspired comfort food with a Mexican flair, offering dishes like the Chicken Fried Chicken served with chorizo verde gravy and the Chilaquiles Rojos topped with a fried egg. Wash it all down with a classic cocktail or a refreshing agua fresca.

Lula Cafe

Located in the vibrant Logan Square neighborhood, Lula Cafe is a beloved brunch destination known for its seasonal and locally sourced cuisine. The menu features creative dishes made with ingredients sourced from nearby farms and producers, offering a taste of the Midwest’s bounty. Be sure to try their famous Lula Breakfast Sandwich, made with house-made sausage and a farm-fresh egg on a flaky biscuit.


Whether you’re craving classic diner fare or seeking out innovative brunch creations, Chicago offers a plethora of options to satisfy your brunch cravings. From cozy neighborhood spots to trendy cafes, the Windy City’s brunch scene is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. So gather your friends and family, and embark on a culinary adventure to explore some of Chicago’s best brunch spots.

Ryan Bluestone

Ryan Hunter Bluestone